Cal-USF Postgame Quotes
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Cal-USF Postgame Quotes

Cal-USF Postgame Quotes

California Head Coach Wyking Jones

Overall thoughts:
"We got beat by a veteran team that wanted it more than us. It's indicative of 14 offensive rebounds. They had more of a fight and Frankie [Ferrari] is a great point guard and did a great job of running the floor and leading the team. We are young and they are an experienced team and I saw that they [USF] wanted it more. I saw toughness."
On USF's 3-Pointer Success:
"When I talk about Frankie [Ferrari] I give him a lot of credit because he came off a lot of ball screens and when our opposite wing defender got sucked in to cover the roll, he found the opposite corner guy on a perfect pass a couple of times. Once the game got out of hand, they made plays and we tried to speed them up but they were able to scramble and make plays."
On the flow of the game:
"When you don't see the ball go through the rim, the urgency to score builds. We start to panic a bit and that's when you see silly fouls, not boxing out and losing focus. We had some good looks that we would normally knock down, it just compounded on the defensive end and guys got more anxious to get a stop and you could see the desperation."
On USF going on a run:
"When teams go on runs, I tell them that this is when we all start trying to play hero ball. That's the absolute last thing we need to do at this point. We need to work even harder and try to cut it and get stops and make out own run. Just reminded them to not fall into temptation of doing it themselves. They tried to continue to play together, we didn't see a ton of forced shots and we couldn't find a rhythm."

California Forward Andre Kelly

On what you can take from playing a veteran team:
"Seeing how they play together and they always seem to be on the same page. We are trying to get to that level."
On personal performance:
"We have been really stressing ball movement and creating for others, getting each other open. They do a good job of putting me in a position to score to where I can score the ball easily. I'm really just concerned about winning, that's it."

San Francisco Head Coach Kyle Smith

On Strong Second-Half Performance:
"I thought we did well in transition. We've been pretty good in transition this year, and this team has been very good defensively. With Charles, Jordan and Frankie going ahead, we've been much better than we've been the last two years."
On djusting back to the time after the road trip:
"I'm terrified of it to be honest with you. It's an eight-hour time change. It was easier coming back than going out. We didn't talk about it too much".

San Francisco Guard Charles Minlend

On First Career Double Double vs Pac 12 Team:
"It's a great feeling. Honestly, I wasn't really thinking about it until one of the guys mentioned it to me. I think it was a great team effort, and we played with a lot of energy, especially coming back from a road trip out of the country. We played aggressive on both ends of the floor. I'm really proud of how we played."
Reflecting on teams record and performance this season:
"I think it's the way we've been winning games. We are a pretty selfless team. There have been a number of games this season where some of the guys have stepped up. If someone has an off game, someone else steps up. We always pick each other up, and we play together. It's going to make us a great team moving forward."
On responding after suffering first loss of the season during road trip:
"It's easy to keep pushing when you're winning games. I was curious to see how we were going to come out and start the game, and where our energy was going to be. We were coming back to play against a Pac-12 team. I was really happy with how we played, and we have to keep going."
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