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Cal receives several hundred requests from organizations each year. Please know that all requests are given serious consideration, however, due to the high volume of requests we receive, the following guidelines must be followed to assure fairness.

We require, along with the completed Auction Ticket Request Form [PDF], a formal donation request letter submitted in writing on organizational letterhead including:

  • Who is hosting the event?
  • What age groups will be represented?
  • What the proceeds will be used for?
  • Date of the event?
  • Deadline for receiving the items?
  • Contact information?

Please provide a delivery address in order for Cal Athletics to mail the donated item.

For non-ticket auction items, please follow these steps

Please Note:

  • Cal cannot donate to any cause that directly/indirectly benefits a person in grades 9-12.
  • Cal cannot donate any team apparel, equipment or other items used by the student athletes.
  • Cal does not honor requests for operating expenses and other monetary donations.
  • Tickets are subject to availability and only one (1) pair will be donated, when granted.

All requests should be mailed to: Cal Athletics, Compliance Attn: Auction Ticket Request 119 Haas Pavilion Berkeley, CA 94720